This life ‘no balance’

Yesterday I visited a family. In the course of our discussion, the woman made a prayer request. “Father please pray for me that God give ma a baby boy,” she said. “As you can see, I have four (4) girls already.” I said to her “may God grant your request in Jesus Christ name” and I heard a resounding “Amen”.
After leaving that family, while on the road home, I got a call and the lady on the other side also made a prayer request in the course of our discussion. “Father,” she said, “please pray for me ooo; I want God to give me a baby girl. I have six boys already and I want a girl.”
After dropping the call, I didn’t know when I exclaimed “this life no balance oooo.”
I came to the realization that truly this life no balance. Nobody in the world truly has everything they wanted. One woman has four girls yet she wants a boy; another has six boys yet she wants a girl child. They both forget that there are people who have been married for years without children. There are some of their mates who  are still roaming about single with no husband or wife. This life no balance! True!!
It is true that nobody can truly have all the want and desire but we must learn to be grateful to God for what we have; we must appreciate God for all He has done for us. What we have and don’t appreciate is someone else’s prayer point. What we have achieved in life and don’t appreciate is someone else’s dream goal in life. Where we are currently and don’t appreciate is someone else’s future dream.
We must learn to appreciate God for what He has given us, for where He has placed us and for what we have been able to achieve.
It is true that we must continue to hope for the better in life, but we must also learn to appreciate God and be grateful to Him for all He has done. It is only when we are thankful to God for all He has done that we can receive more from Him.
Yes, this life no balance ooo, but God I thank you for who I am, for where you have placed me and for what we have been able to achieve together.
Thank you O Lord my God!
Thank you God the Father
Thank you Jesus Christ
Thank you Holy Spirit
Happy Sunday
REV FR. FIDELIS UMOLE is a priest of the Lagos Catholic Archdiocese and Parish Priest of Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Ijegun Imore, Satellite Town, Lagos.
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