Quoting Trump, Iran’s Khamenei mocks US democracy

* ‘What a spectacle!’ goads supreme leader, noting the president says the election is rigged and that Biden claims the incumbent intends to widely cheat

Supreme leader of Iran, America’s arch ideological enemy, has mocked the seeming rancorous aftermath of election day in the United States, saying that the vote has exposed the reality of US democracy.

Well over 24 hours after the last polling stations closed in the U.S State of Alaska, the battle for the White House remains undecided.

US President Donald Trump has caused disquiet among even leaders of his own Republican Party by flatly alleging fraud, while his Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s campaign team has accused the incumbent of seeking to deny the electoral rights of tens of thousands of postal voters.

Trump Vs Biden…who will be President?

“What a spectacle!” supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted late yesterday.

“One says this is the most fraudulent election in US history. Who says that? The president who is currently in office. His rival says Trump intends to rig the election! This is how #USElections & US democracy are,” Khamenei goads.

The deepening polarization of US politics since Trump’s surprise election victory four years ago has drawn expressions of concern even from Western allies, with Germany warning of a “very explosive situation” in the aftermath of the poll.

Despite US allegations that Tehran sought to use social media to influence voters in the run-up to polling day, Iran’s leadership has publicly insisted it favors neither candidate, despite their sharply divergent policies towards Tehran.

Trump has led a campaign of “maximum pressure” against the Islamic Republic, pulling Washington out of the multilateral deal on Iran’s nuclear program and re-imposing crippling unilateral sanctions.

Biden has signaled he is ready to rejoin the nuclear agreement struck in 2015 when he served as vice president under Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama.

But on Tuesday, Khamenei insisted the outcome of the election would have no impact on Iranian policy.

AFP story culled from Times of Israel

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