PHOTO NEWS | Just before the flag-off…

The G-5 in a group photograph from invited dignitaries including former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose (left) and former president aspirant, Chief (Barr) Charles Okwudili Ugwu, KSJI, Onowu Igugu

Apart from sharing a seemingly unbreakable bond, the G-5 Governors have also become remarkable for their dynamic, even inimitable fashion sense. What they wear at their meeting at any one point in time may well be determined by the culture of the host State but, let’s face it, these men have really become sassy dressers, you know, fashionistas.

Consider their outing today in Port Harcourt, for instance…

The G-5 at a pre-rally meeting at Government House, PH

Even though they had visitors in their midst today, including His Excellency, Barrister Charles Okwudili Ugwu, KSJI, former presidential aspirant and Onowu Igugu (in blue and red ‘PDP’ cap), there is no mistaking the fashionistas!

Wike (giving a helping hand), two of the G-5 members and Ugwu

Ever resplendent in their oft-cultural attires, the G-5 Governors have come to symbolise the spirit of defiance against inequity, impunity and loathsome sense of entitlement in political Nigeria, even if it just a storm in a teacup…

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