OPINION | ON ENUGU STATE’S COUNCIL POLITICS: To our dear Mayors…outgoing and incoming, by Wordshot Amaechi Ugwele

Wordshot Amaechi Ugwele


Hon. Barr (Mrs.) Nkechi Ugwu-Oju

My Mayor, I am not going` to console you. Rather I will celebrate and indeed commend you, for your heroic deeds for the ordinary people of Igbo-Etiti.

The day you came in and chose to be the people’s chairman, against the expectations of the entitled elite, that had looked forward to the usual patronage from one of their own, was the day it was all sealed.  And when you chose the side of the down trodden, you knew well what could come but like every true hero, still went ahead.

Hon. Barr (Mrs.) Nkechi Ugwu-Oju, outgoing Chairman, Igbo-Etiti LGA

Even though for now you may be out of office, you are nowhere out of the hearts of the thousands of our grateful people who feel your work. Their prayers will always be with their mother, who always determined that nobody was cheated, personally shared things herself.

They know you were never reckless with their resources you insisted must be deployed to the service of the community, rather than to the benefits of individuals, hence you always prioritized projects everyone benefitted from. Of course, this wasn’t popular with certain powerful people.

But since you came to work, you went to work for those who needed it most – the less privileged masses of Igbo-Etiti. And till the end of time, they will all bear witness to this and forever remember you in all the roads, drainages, water boreholes, transformers, constantly stocked health centers, etc, you refused to fritter away scarce funds, to provide for them.

You will always be their Mayor! Nothing will change that, nor your undisputable record as one of the best performing chairmen of this era, in the whole of Enugu State.

May God continue to be with you now and forever more. Amen.

Hon. Barrister Cosmas Ibeziako Ugwueze

Congratulations to you! Yes. I congratulate you for a successful tour of duty, after having suddenly been thrust with this enormous responsibility to serve your people following the sudden demise of your former boss.

While you reflect on so many things now, remember this had begun, when, how and as only God wanted it. So, it has also ended when, how and as only He wanted it.

God knows better and will always plan better for you hence everything will always happen at its appointed time, including the beginning and end of everything in your career.

Barr. Cosmas, Ugwueze, outgoing Chairman Nsukka Local Government Chairman

And so, rather than being smothered as some had wished, its good you have been feeling unburdened and cheerful. And this is because you understand you’ve had tremendous opportunities many of your peers will never get in their lifetime. This very much you attested to in your address of gratitude to His Excellency for his great contributions to this.

Again, you did well while your tour of duty lasted, contending with the whole forces that marked the complexities of the politics that characterized your time, which ultimately came to the inevitability of what had to be, coming to become.

But the truth is, your political career is shining. You have a history of series of impressive services to your people, and this gives you that capacity to position for more roles in the future. In others words, you have outgrown this level and is now headed up. God, the only true architect of your life and the guide of your every footstep, is already in control.

Follow Him with your entire heart and in total trust so He can take you to your next level. This journey is step by step. And you can only truly move forward only when you leave where you are, as has just happened. As a councilor, you perhaps didn’t want it to end. But it did, paving the way for the position of the council Vice and now this.

So, this instead of being a half empty glass, is a half full glass of water that will only fill up to serve you a good measure of God’s favours. Drink it to the full, keep the cup by your side and wait for His next move in your life.

Thank you and God bless.

Hon. Peter Andy Omeje

Peter Andy Omeje, outgoing Chairman, Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area, Enugu State

For sure, God is with you. Even when for now this is your term limit, this is not your time limit! You just begun. You are young and charismatic and despite what your detractors may think, you look like one who has come to stay.

So, in thinking about your sudden exit, don’t fail to remember how faith had suddenly thrown you up, into the dizzying height of the office you are exiting. Don’t fail to think of where you were coming from, to where you are. These, as noted before, can only mean one thing, as you have taken off, you are going only one way. Up.

I agree there could have been a few mistakes and errors here and there, they only define your being human, who also happened to be young and also had to learn the intricate ropes of public administration on the job.

These, in all of their lessons for sure will serve the purpose of a strong foundation for the future that is still very much beckoning with so much promise.



Hon. Ikenna Nwodo

A level-headed gentleman, you are fast learning the ropes of politics and public service from your well pedigreed background. You are indeed a choice that is going down well with a lot of Igbo-Etiti people.

Hon. Ikenna Nwodo, incoming Chairman, Igbo-Etiti LGA, Enugu State.

You had wooed people with your previous stint in caretaking capacity, with a modest achievement that is a pointer that if you were ever going to have a longer take, it may well be worth the while for the people. So, just do it’

Hon. Vitus Okechi

A compromise choice for your people that is sitting well with them, you will for sure bring your wealth of experience in public service to bear on running the council, to the benefit of all. Expectations are indeed high. Fortunately, the capacity is also there. Go do it.

Hon. Walter Ozioko

You have what it takes to run Nsukka Local Government to the benefit of your people, and thus write your name in gold. However, you have to be careful not to be trapped in the rut of the bad politics that had preceded your emergence. So, if you wisely choose to put the past behind and move on with whatever vision you have, you stand the chance of success. Two years may seem long, it is in reality always shorter for a chairman who may be tempted to be sucked into the vortex of Nsukka LGA politics of bickering and needless petty controversies, instigated and fuelled by relevance seeking, idle supporters.  Avoid being distracted at all cost.

For sure, we will always continue to watch with keenness, objectively assess and report accordingly. May God be with you all! Amen.

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