OPINION: I will vote Obi Cubana


I am on my way to INEC head office Abuja to submit Obinna Iyiegbu’s name as the next governor of Anambra State. Forget about deadline and party affiliation. Politics in Nigeria is Yahoo Plus. One does not need the Electoral Commission to win elections.

My move will shock many compatriots. That is exactly what I want to achieve. Iyiegbu, who chose the nickname , Obi Cubana is the latest fad in town. Suddenly, we forgot about bandits in high places and the forests.   Just because this young man buried his mother in Oba, we left our oppressors and began to chase shadows.

Some politicians loot our treasury and do grand burials. They steal in trillions and you may never know how much they budget for rigging elections. Cubana burried his mom, all expenses paid. Many politicians bury Nigerians through maladministration.

Top men in government, politicians and bureaucrats, fly mammoth crowd to Dubai in the guise of birthday parties. Their children play big as students overseas, flying from London to Paris, Milan to   New York, to   all the beaches around the West Indies.

Nigerians should query their leaders about our Commonwealth which they are plundering and shipping overseas like Dealtry Lugard and his Imperial army. Questions should be asked about allocations to States and Local Councils. Cubana is not a problem at all.

As an Igbo, I hate this culture of flagrantly displaying one’s wealth. Spraying of cash is alien to Igbo culture. However, it is no crime to choose to bury parents in the best way possible. You can overlook such stupendous outing since it does not happen often.

My findings reveal that Obi Cubana is the quiet type. Honestly, I thought he was a masquerade all along. The one they call Chief Priest was more visible, until the Oba funeral. That says a lot. Those who made most noise were like Otimkpu. Now that Ijele has unmasked himself, the ground is quaking.

Critics charged him to go build schools, roads and hospitals instead of throwing cash about. That does not sound sweet. The same politicians that should build roads, hospitals and schools are busy junketing with our trillions and we hail them as honourable.

Some want to know how Obi Cubana made his millions. Why are people not asking politicians how they made their money ? Most of the billionaires we have today, made money in politics. Some of them were unable to maintain a car in 1998.

These are the people awaiting EFCC attention. Unfortunately, gullible Nigerians have allowed jumbo robbers to buy over their souls and are defending the same people who have kept them in unprecedented poverty. I weep for our people.

NDLEA should be left out of this. It is not Obi Cubana that empowers junkeed thugs with AK-47 during elections to maim and kill innocent Nigerians. Why should we follow the trend that every young Big Boy is into drugs and allow thieving politicians drug us with penury?

Some of my people around the Niger are not happy that hundreds of Fulani cattle were slaughtered. I understand their pain. However, we must think straight. The Igbo man has no problem with Fulani. The problem is the known herder who goes about wielding automatic weapons.

The real Nigerian Fulani is not a war monger. And they lived peacefully with the Igbo. The first elected Mayor of Enugu, Umaru Altine (1952- 1958) did not habour Gunmen. Nor did Umaru Yushau, as member of the Eastern Region House of Assembly in 1959.

Check the records. There was no Fulani GOC or even Brigade commander during the Civil War. Benjamin Adekunle and Olusegun Obasanjo, were Yoruba.   Mohammed Shuwa was Kanuri, Murtala Mohammed, Afenmai. Iliya Bisalla was Berom, Ibrahim Haruna hailed from Garkida, around the same Bachama axis of Gibson Jalo.

For the sake of Felix Okonkwo, Special member, Northern Region House of Chiefs whose name turned to Kwankwaso and Barrister Agbamuche who defended Ahmadu Bello when he was jailed over tax matters in Gusau in 1946, business with peace-loving Fulani will continue.

It is instructive that while human beings were slaughtered by bandits in some parts of the country, cows were slain in Oba. Cubana is a businessman, do not swallow all you read in the media. Some of those cows were represented by ropes.

How some people could not read between the lines baffles me. If you believed all that glittered in Oba, I pity you. Obi Cubana is into Showbiz. Everything was done for effect. Kanayo O. Kanayo slapped money, Alex Ekubo showed machine on wheels. Pure drama.

For God’s sake, these are Nollywood guys. Ned Nwoko is always news. E- Money and Kcee are glamour brothers. Davido, D’banj, Shina Peller and Emmanuel Emenike are big players in the Entertainment industry. They all ganged up to hype their buddy, Obi Cubana.

Now you know more of Oba. And you are familiar with Obi Cubana. It is symbolic. Oba was never conquered during the Civil War. It was the Tactical Headquarters of Biafra’s 11 Division. Major Jonathan Uchendu’s battalion moved from there to destroy Nigeria’s Second division at Abagana, on March 31,1968.

What Obi Cubana did 53 years later, was to bring Nigerians together in Oba. There was peace. No Kidnap. No Unknown Gunmen. All jets were private. No fighter jets. There was no war. That is pure business. And, above all, no borrowing from China, or anywhere.

OBASI wrote this piece originally for his column, Emissary, in Vanguard. He can be reached on EMOBAS2003@yahoo.com and or 08094457557 (sms only).

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