North frowns at disbandment of SARS

“If the Southern parts of the country were faced with abuses and violations of human rights, the Northern parts was not facing the same.”

In those words, President, Coalition of Civil Society Forum in Kano State, Ibrahim Waiya faulted the disbandment of the Special Anti- Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force, insisting that the Squad was friendly and professional in their dealings with communities in the North.

While stating that the #EndSARS protests and the incidents that led to them were unfortunate, Waiya noted that Civil Society groups in the North, and Kano State in particular, did not exactly share the same position as their Southern counterparts.

Said Waiya: “Our position is different from that of other people and other parts of the country. We are strongly against the decision to dismantle the SARS.”

“If the Southern parts of the country are faced with abuses and violations of human rights, the Northern parts are not facing the same,” he stated, adding that, in fact, “in the North, they share friendly working relations with the communities and the communities used to help them with vital information to curtail armed robbery, kidnapping and the rest.”

“Kano in particular, SARS was able to crush all armed robbery attacks on the high ways and at residential areas; Kano State has significantly felt the impacts of the operation of SARS,” Waiya stressed.

“The decision to scrap SARS was not an informed decision or position, rather it was an action which is capable of doing more harm to the society than solution.

“The rate of crime has been progressively down in Kano. We advocate for reform and restructuring but we don’t support the dismantling of SARS,” he said in an interview with a news reporter in Kano.

AbeyaNews reports that widespread protests and agitation against the operations of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad caused the Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu to disband the squad across all the formations of the Nigeria Police Force in the country.

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