Matawalle tasks northern elite on region’s problems, urges them to pay less attention to politics of 2023

The North is trouble in all ramifications and time has come for the region’s elite to unite to find solutions to such problems instead of wasting energy and resources on the politics of 2023, Zamfara State governor, Bello Matawalle has said.

In a statement he issued earlier today, Governor Matawalle urged northern elite to find lasting solutions to the challenges facing the region such as banditry, insurgency, kidnappings, poverty and laziness, insisting that these are greater challenges that northerners must unite to confront than devoting so much “immoral’ attention to the politics of 2023.

Matawalle also called on all people of goodwill “irrespective of ethnic and political differences” to help the north confront the challenges “with sincerity of purpose and wholeheartedly”, adding:

”It time for us to end destruction and killings; let’s nurture the habits of forgiveness of our wrongs and become united; we must unite with all our ability so as to leave a lasting solution of peace and political cohesion to the upcoming generation.

”We shall remain focused for the development of our region and shun political differences irrespective of that party we belong to, in order to promote peaceful coexistence, development and unity.”

Matawalle, who recently decamped to APC from PDD, warned that rather than focus so much on “personal ambitions” so evident in the hullabaloo about 2023, it was time for northerners to look beyond politics and focus more on addressing the challenges facing the northern region as “a top priority for the region’s stakeholders in order to ensure security, peace and economic development.”

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