IPOB denies involvement in recent murder of security personnel in South East

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has denied any involvement in the recent murder of some security personnel in the South East, saying the viral video in which an army officer was seen openly accusing IPOB of perpetrating the heinous crime is a case of giving a dog bad name in order to hang it.

Cautioning against such “unfounded accusation”, IPOB said it was high time the army desisted from such “kneejerk accusations” often hauled at IPOB whenever something untoward happened to security personnel, saying it had become very necessary to caution the Nigerian army and govt against peddling such unfounded and false accusations against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) “in order for the world to know that we still remain a peaceful self-determination group that will never commit such heinous crimes as security agencies are so often wont to accuse us of.”

“It is common for the Nigerian government and its security agencies are quick to point accusing fingers at IPOB within minutes of any attack in the East without investigation,” IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful sneered in a statement he issued earlier today (Saturday October 15, 2022) . “It is surprising that they haven’t linked IPOB to the insecurity ravaging Northern Nigeria. We understand that this is part of their cheap blackmail against the movement even when the State masterminds most of these attacks. If the government is not behind the attacks, how come they know the attackers within minutes without investigation. How come they cannot predict the many unresolved murder cases in Nigeria?”

While it stridently condemned “the reckless murder of Nigerian soldiers,” IPOB, however, cautioned the army against accusing IPOB members falsely, insisting that “IPOB is not responsible for the attacks and killings.”

“Nigerian Army and their Government are only carrying out media propaganda and blackmail against IPOB in an effort to stop the Biafra agitation, but they will fail. Nigerian government and their court know that IPOB is not involved in the killings and attacks on security agents and its institutions. That is why no court in Nigeria has been able to convict any of the prosecuted IPOB members. Yet the Nigerian government has continued arresting, persecuting, and extrajudicially executing IPOB members while unconditionally releasing and compensating Northern terrorists and bandits,” Powerful alleged.

“We have remained a peaceful movement seeking freedom and independence of Biafra people in spite of all the persecutions and provocations by the Nigeria State. But we shall not take any blackmail from the government just because they hate our resolve to get Biafra at all cost but most importantly through peaceful agitation.

“The Nigerian Army must stop linking IPOB with the killing of their men because of their evil agenda and hatred against Ndigbo and pro-Biafra agitation championed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB members. By tagging every Igbo man and woman as IPOB and ESN member, the Nigerian govt and its security apparatus have created the enabling ground to justify their ongoing extrajudicial executions of Igbo people which simply amount to ethnic cleansing.

“More so, their readiness to make some of their soldiers on duty in Biafraland expendables just to achieve their evil plan and justify their military siege and assault on unarmed people is a state-sponsored terrorism. The harder the Nigerian terrorist-sponsoring government and their compromised Army try to blackmail IPOB, the more they rub their integrity in the mud.

“The viral video of the Nigerian Army personnel openly accusing IPOB of being responsible for the death of four of their men in Enugu State recently is nothing but a cheap blackmail. We demand an international and independent investigation of all the killings going on in Biafraland so as to unmask the killers and their sponsors.

“As for us in IPOB and ESN, our hands are clean of all the government’s accusations. We take responsibility for our actions. Our focus is to get rid of terrorists in our forests and our bushes who are raping our women, killing our farmers, and destroying our farms.
On killing of security men and burning of institutions in Biafraland, the Nigerian government and her foot soldiers should be held responsible”

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