OBAYAGBONA: How Nigeria can solve its energy problems by generating electricity from thunder lightning  

* Says one strike of lightning can generate constant power for five years and 30 days for all of Africa

Those who know Emmanuel Obayagbona say he does not say what he is not sure of. C.E.O of Spirate Engineering, Obayagbona is also founder of Spirate Tech Foundation, a skills acquisition centre committed to imparting technical skills to teenagers. 


Engr. Emmanuel Obayagbona with his Thunder Lightning Converter

An Edo State indigene who schooled and lives in Enugu, Emma Scientist, as he is fondly called by his numerous admirers, is a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu. A technically-gifted man, Obayagbona specializes in energy solutions and has been working assiduously towards solving man’s perennial energy problems. 

On science and technology tour of the university town of Nsukka recently, Obayagbona found time to speak with AbeyaNews Enugu State Correspondent, PAT NNADI on his Thunder lightning energy converter and many others. 


I was born into the Christian family of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Obayagbona. I am the fifth (5th) child among eight children. I am from Benin City, Edo State. I am a graduate of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu, Enugu State Nigeria, where I studied electrical and electronics engineering.


 I know this may sound unbelievable but let me tell you that Thunder lightning can generate constant power to the whole of Africa for 5 years and 30 days per strike of lightning! This is an invention I have been working on since 1st October 2004.


It occurs 140 million times per annual. Thunder and lightning occur from the rain cloud and they both occur at the same time but because lightning travels faster than sound, that is why we first see the lightning before we hear the sound.

Thunder does not electrocute but lightning can. The speed of light is 3.0X10¹⁰m/s while that of sound in Air is 343m/s. On Asian continents, to which Africa largely belongs, it occurs more than 100,000,000 times annually and this invention needs just a strike of lightning to generate constant power for five years and 30 days to all African countries that experience thunder Lightning such as Libya, Kenya, Rwandan, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ivory coast, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, among others.

However, here come some questions. Is there any power more powerful on earth than lightning? Again, is there a year thunder striking does not strike? I leave those questions for you to answer. Thunder lightning comes with static electricity whose power averages 20b watts, and voltage, which is more than 330 mega volts.


The Thunder Lightning Energy Converter comprises the trapping zone, the storage zone, the sensoring zone and the transmission zone. So when lightning strikes, the Lightning Arrestor, which will be specifically built according to my specifications, will trap a minimum of 5,000,000 volts charge from the lightning and dissipate the current to the storage zone. Then through the help of the sensoring zone, it will discharge one million volts from the storage zone and dissipate the voltage to the transmission zone. The 1 million volts will then be distributed to the transmission zone, which is made up of five high-tension step-down transformers.

The first high tension step-down transformer will step down from 1Mv to whatever the country needs but I suggest that we step down from 1Mv to 330kv, then the second high tension transformer  will step down from 330,000 volts to132,000volts, then the third high tension transformer will step down from 132,000 volts to 33,000volts then the fourth high tension transformer will step down the 33,000 volts to 11,000volts then the fifth high tension transformer will step down the 11,000volts to 415 volts but from the first high tension step down transformer, the current and the voltage can be distributed to National or International grid.


Lightning Arrestors 20 pieces: This will be specially designed according to specifications.

Industrial Bank Energy Storage Capacitor, Sensors, 400m-high mast; Almond Cable, industrial Static Energy to Current Energy Converter High Tension Step down Transformers, etc.


The thunder lightning energy converter can be achieved through collaborative effort and one thing you must know is that

it is not a one-man project.  Majority of the materials that will be used during the production will be specially designed in China, Russian, Germany, USA, among others.

Human resources needed are as follows: mechanical engineer, electrical engineers; geographers, soil scientists, material engineer, instrumentation and control engineers, metallurgical engineers, casual workers and many others like civil engineers, quantity surveyors and the like.

Obayagbona further explained that “the thunder lightning energy converter is a power-generating plant that will trap a strike of lightning, store it and convert it to steady power supply for five years and 30 days for Africa.”

“Everyone knows that lightning comes with a very high voltage, which is more than 330megavolts with an average power of 20b watts,” he stressed.

“Instead of lightning to be damaging homes and buildings, it can now be harnessed and converted to clean energy for the benefit of mankind, which can also boost world economy. It is a fact that everyone needs power to run their industry, firms and homes, and so it goes without saying that the only solution to the perennial energy problem in Nigeria is thunder lightning energy.”

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