Enugu youth group cries for justice over alleged murder of indigene in Onitsha

From PAT NNADI, Nsukka

Arguing that justice delayed is justice denied, an Enugu youth group has decried the delay in the dispensation of justice in the death of one Mr. Arinze Omeh, believed to have been murdered under suspicious circumstances by his assailants, in Onitsha, Anambra State.

The Concerned Igbo-Eze North Youth (CINY), a sociocultural group in Enugu North Senatorial zone, Enugu State, said the Anambra State government should explain why the second suspect should be released without any reason.

In a press release issued by the group and made available to AbeyaNews, CINY appealed to Enugu State government to as a matter of urgency look into the matter.

In the release titled “The dastardly act of murder committed against our brother, Master Arinze Omeh from Umuopu Enugu Ezike, on 11th June, 2020 by a remorseless gang of murderers along General Hospital road Onitsha, Anambra State has left our hearts torn apart”, the group described as gruesome the murder of Mr. Omeh, insinuating that the crime bore signs of ‘ethnic cleansing’ because “the culprit after murdering Arinze had descended on his elder brother who by the grace of God escaped with wounds.”

“The murderers were apprehended and they’re helping the police with requisite preliminary investigations,” the group stated.

“What we have yet to ascertain is if they were sent, at the sound of trumpets (i.e by a legitimate force), to declare war against Igbo Eze North or Nsukka people in general.

If not, how could such brutality be metted out in a busy road in Onitsha and it took the outcry of the relatives for police to take it seriously?”

The group lamented that the second accused in the murder had been “inexplicably” released, declaring: “As you read this, the second assailant is out of police custody on bail!”

“We have expressed our deep pains in a more practical way when we spearheaded the litigation processes, with their financial demands in the process of seeking redress.

We are here, therefore, not to cry any more, but to notify our teeming supporters and compatriots of the current status in the case, CINY said.

“Currently, the case is at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Awka about to be charged to court.

We sent in our legal teams to join the immediate family lawyers who were prosecuting the murder.”

CINY further declared:

“First, people of Igbo Eze North are known for our good characters, law-abiding nature, peaceful coexistence with our neighbours and love for strangers.

We will, therefore, not tolerate any of our citizens dealt with in any harsh manner anywhere around the world.

And we are prepared to use this unfortunate case of our beloved brother Arinze to make this position clearer.

We will leave no stone unturned till justice is adequately served.

“Secondly, the government of Anambra State should come out clean in this case.

The State Commissioner of police should explain why the second assailant was let lose from the cell.

Governor Willie Obiano should ensure that justice is served to the letter as a way of telling us that the lives of Nsukka people in Anambra State matter.

They can’t be condemning George Floyd’s murder in USA, while back home we are experiencing something worse in their hands.

They need to assure us that our people’s lives are safe, secure and are worth equal in dignity with the lives of every other Anambrarian.

Any sign of silence or compromise from the government of Anambra State or the Police force would be seen as a move to support evil.

“Thirdly, Enugu State Ministry of Justice should as a matter of urgency start asking questions to Anambra State government.

Thousands of Nsukka people live and transact business in many parts of Anambra State.

We have to be sure our lives are safe and their dignity inalienable, to avoid living in fear and traumatic apprehension. Our amiable Governor, Rt. Hon.

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, we believe will not let this case be swept under the carpet.

The families of the culprits were said to be influential and well-connected.

And that’s why things have been shoddy in this preliminary stage of the justice dispensation.

Fourthly, arising recently, from our meeting with the Umuopu general assembly in diaspora, held in Onitsha, we have agreed to send all Enugu Ezike organizations, political and opinion leaders, wherever they are around the world, messages notifying and urging them to send in their legal teams and contributions for the case as soon as possible.

“Finally, we wish to state that from time immemorial, there has never been anyone who manhandled an Igbo Eze North indigene and went scot-free.

There are always undeniable repercussions.

We will invoke all diplomatic, legal and even ancestral possibilities to ensure the perpetrators bear the full weight of the law, to serve as a deterrent for the future.

“While we pray for the repose of Arinze’s soul, we urge all to join us in this fight, as injury to one is injury to all.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

It is forbidden to kill…”

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