Buhari pledges to bridge class inequality gap

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday disclosed that his administration has embarked on implementation of policies, programmes and projects aimed at closing the gap between the different classes, to bring joy to a greater number of the citizens.

The president stated this in Abuja at the end of the two-day First Year Ministerial Performance Review Retreat, organised by the Office of the Secretary to Government of the Federation to assess the performance of government in the last one year.

He observed that already the policies, programmes and projects had started yielding fruitful results.

He said: “Within these few days we have examined the numerous policies, programmes and projects this administration had embarked upon which are targeted at lifting our people from the shackle of poverty, protect their lives and property and ensure equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth.

“We aim to gradually close the gap between the different classes to bring joy to a greater number of the citizens.

“I’m glad that these policies, programmes and projects have recorded appreciable successes.

“Our renewed vigour on agriculture has been demonstrated through our Anchor Borrower Programme and the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative.’’

The president, therefore, charged all cabinet members and senior government officials to defend the government vigorously and not allow “any irresponsible and politically motivated statements’’ to keep spreading falsehoods about the All Progressives Congress(APC) -led administration.

He also reminded the officials that the days of insufficient collaboration, coordination and synergy among implementing Ministries, Departments and Agencies should be over.

He, therefore, appealed for more collaboration and synergy among government agencies, so as to enhance development.

“In this regard, I have directed that essential coordination delivery unit in the office of the secretary of the government of the federation should be revived to ensure we focus on results.

“The Secretary to the Government Federation is to ensure regular reports on progress submitted.

“Information to the public should be better packaged, go on the offensive, we are proud of our achievements and we should blow our own trumpets.’’

The president maintained that his administration could not afford to fail Nigerians, who invested their trust in the government.

“I am hereby charging Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and all heads of parastatals to be continuously conscious of their commitment and responsibilities.

“On behalf of the people of Nigeria, I demand the uttermost level of performance, deliverables and results.

“I look forward to a result orientated year with tremendous benefits that will continue to change the lives of our people positively,” he added.

Buhari also noted with delight that the administration under his leadership had learnt lessons in the last one year that would further enhance performance.

He said: “I am confident that the lessons we have learnt in the last one year of implementation of policies, programmes and projects, deliberations and resolutions form the different sessions as well as experience sharing from various speakers, will serve as the needed tool to propel every ministry to the next level of achievement.

“More importantly, the trust reposed in us by Nigerians remains the ultimate driving force.

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