Again, IPOB upbraids politicians, warns they ‘must stop linking group with criminal activities in South East’

From PAT NNADI, Nsukka

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has again dissociated itself from the killings and other acts of criminality going on in the South East geopolitical zone, warning that it will no longer take it kindly with politicians who keep dragging the name of the group into the security crisis in Igboland.

Insisting that “the incessant abductions, killings, humiliation and sponsorship of all manner of criminalities in the Eastern region for quite sometime now” were engineered by the “Nigerian government and its compromised security agencies against innocent citizens of Biafra,” IPOB warned politicians “that the time has come for them to turn a new leaf, desist from making themselves available to the enemies of our people to use as agents of destabilization of the Eastern Region and anarchy in our land or be ready to face the consequences” of their treachery.

“These men of perdition must stop linking IPOB with their evil actions because we are not as morally bankrupt as the political harlots are,” IPOB said in a statement issued by the group’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful.

“IPOB is a very disciplined, very focused freedom movement. We have no business with political criminals and we do not have any business with criminality because if IPOB engages in any form of criminality, we will be delaying the coming of an Independent Biafran Nation and we certainly have no intention or desire to delay the freedom and liberty of the Biafran people,” IPOB said in the statement by Powerful.

Saying it has no plans to engage in, nor is the group complicit in the political killings, kidnapping of religious leaders and business people going on in our territory, IPOB accused those it described as “evil politicians working for the Nigerian government” as being behind as well as sponsoring all criminalities going on and must be held accountable.”

“We cannot be involved in killing people we labour for, spend our resources and our lives to protect unlike the Fulanized stooges (politicians) in our land,” IPOB stressed. “The Nigeria Police, Army and DSS agents deployed to our land from Abuja are the key actors in the kidnapping and unlawful and unprovoked killings going on in Anambra, Abia, Imo Ebonyi and Enugu States.

“We are aware of the criminals they created to demonise IPOB and ESN; we are aware of the plans to murder politicians and businessmen and women and blame it on IPOB. We are, therefore, reminding these political jobbers in our land to stop sponsoring political thugs against their opponents and thinking they will demonise and bring IPOB down (because it is not going to be) possible for them.”

According to the self-determination group, its members are not politicians and and do not believe in the “selection process Nigeria and its government call election” and, therefore, “nobody should link IPOB with the massacre and killings and kidnappings going on in the Eastern Region.”

“We have published names of some of those politicians and their thugs responsible for these criminalities happening now in the region (as well as the fact that) the Nigerian Army is harbouring in their Barracks Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen, to attack our land and kidnap our people for ransom,” IPOB pointed out.

“IPOB cannot engage in such cowardly acts (because it is abominable to do so); we are not politicians nor do we have rival opponents in our fight to Iiberate our land and people. We concern and occupy ourselves with freedom and security of Biafrans and, therefore, cannot afford to kill those we are fighting for their freedom.

“IPOB is hereby alerting our people to be careful with whom they do things because there is danger ahead which is the result of  our politicians having sold out their people for a pot of porridge.

“Anybody linking IPOB with the criminal acts happening in the Eastern region will have IPOB to contend with. IPOB would not allow anyone to drag our hard-earned international standing and reputations in the mud. If we are terrorists, the European Union (EU) would never have allowed IPOB to demonstrate at their headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Therefore, anybody or media reporting IPOB as a terror or proscribed group should go to a psychiatrist centre and examine themselves.

“We are not interested in the selection process called Nigerian election (but) we cannot afford to allow anyone or group behind the killings and kidnap in our land to continue (their nefarious activities because of election).

“Politicians in the Eastern Region must desist from evil acts such as using thugs to attack their perceived political stumbling blocks with the evil intention that IPOB would be blamed without investigation. Whosoever allows himself/herself as willing tools in the hands of politicians would regret such action soon.”

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