About Us

About AbeyaNews
AbeyaNews is an online news platform founded by very experienced and notable Nigerian journalists. It is designed to provide credible news and information to the reading and, by extension, advertising public. 
To this end, it will perform the traditional mass communication functions of informing, educating and entertaining, devoid of the hubris, fakery, and falsehoods that characterize many of today’s web publications.
AbeyaNews will bring to readers news as they break thereby keeping people of all ages constantly informed about events happening around them, both locally and in the world at large. 
We will also interpret events and developments for our readers through incisive comments and or analyses that not only keep them well informed but also help them to make informed decisions at all times.
We will continuously scout the environment for, and upload for our readers, information on subjects that may help them develop skills, start businesses, build beneficial contacts, travel to dream destinations and do a whole lot more. 
To sum it up, we are old-style reincarnate in New Journalism with a vision to be among the 10 best online platforms locally and 500 in the world in the shortest possible time. 
Welcome to our world. 
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